Sep 012012

Really Really Like



Want To Marry And/Or Make Babies With

If I Ever Left The House, I Would Be Stalking You Just For Posting This

Liked The First Time I Saw It, But 20 Other Friends Have Posted The Same Thing In The Last 4 Minutes And I’m Over It

Don’t Like All That Much, But Am Clicking “Like” To Show What A Good Person I Am

Don’t Particularly Like, But Know It Will Shock My Older Relatives When They See I Clicked “Like” On This

Don’t Like At All, But Don’t Want To Look Like The Only One On Facebook Who Doesn’t Get This Joke

It’s Sad You’re Posting This Six Weeks After Everyone Else Did




Currently Bleeding From Both Eyeballs

I Sustained Permanent Brain Damage From Reading This

Please Learn How To Use Snopes

I Used To Like You

My Children Are No Longer Allowed To Go To Your House

Seriously, What The Hell Was I Thinking When I Friended You? We Have Nothing In Common, And This Posting Just Proves It

I Hope You Die In The Elevator Of A Burning Building

  3 Responses to “Options Facebook Needs”

  1. I’d like an I’m Not Going To Ask For Details On Your Obvious Plea For Attention “Cryptic” Post button, please.

  2. Also: Clicking “Like” Randomly So You Don’t Suspect I Hid You From My Feed

  3. Ooh, I like the “Vomit” button. :) Nice.

    By the way, I’m one of the kids who used to write for SHM. :) I’m kind of paranoid about giving out my real name online, so I’ll just say that I wrote the “old lady” stories.

    I love your blog!

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